Summer Hair Care Tips

The summer can be really unkind to your hair due to excessive heat, humidity and sweat. Getting enough sunlight is good for health, but excessive heat, humidity and exposure to sun can damage your hair. It can make it dry, brittle, dandruff-prone and unmanageable. Hence, adding a good summer hair care regimen becomes very essential during this harsh season.

Summer Hair Care Tips

If you are looking for ways to keep your mane happy this summer, here are few summer hair care tips that you may find helpful.


Use a hat or scarf to protect the hair from direct sunlight. Hair loses the moisture due to heat and hot wind that may lead to dryness and brittle hair. Covering your head saves you from harmful UV rays as well as protects your scalp from losing the moisture. It also shields the hair from damages caused by hot wind.

Hair Wash

Wash the hair less often as frequent hair wash rips off the hair of its natural oil, which in turn aggravates oil production making it greasy once again. Natural shampoos or homemade shampoos cleanse the hair without striping the natural moisture off making the hair clean and healthy.

Heat Less Often

Blow drying your hair damages the hair root. During summer, forget the use of blowers as your hair is already exposed to summer heat. Air-dry your hair and keep a loose hair style to save it from excess heat and discomfort.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Avoid combing your hair while it is wet as it is that time when it is most prone to breaking. Allow the hair to air-dry before you comb your hair. Unlike brushes which pull and tear hair while working through hair strands, wide-tooth combs gently untangle the hair without pulling thereby preventing breakage and damage.

Conditioning with Oil

After washing your hair, condition it with a natural or herbal oil. Hot oil massage conditions and moisturizes the hair as it penetrates down into hair shaft and deep into the scalp. Herbs have been playing an essential role in hair health since ages. Various herbs in form of oils, masks and powder are used to promote hair growth and prevent hair fall even in harsher weather conditions.

Use of herbal hair oil helps in retaining moisture in your hair without making it greasy.

Herbal Care

Unique herbs such as Kala Agaar, Kala Dana, Kali Musli, Kali Haldi, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Wild Onion Seeds, Jatamansi, Indrayan promote hair growth, enhance volume, and make hair thick and shiny. These herbs work throughout the year no matter what the weather conditions are. Tribal Black Oil is one of such herbal oils that has all the above-mentioned ingredients that promises to keep hair healthy even in this scorching summer.

Summer is the time, which bursts with a lot of outdoor activities. Avoiding excessive sunlight, having healthy and balanced diet and following a holistic lifestyle goes a long way in making one healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. What works for healthy body, works for healthy hair too.

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