Is Taking Biotin for Hair Growth Effective?

Biotin is a vital water-soluble vitamin, also known as vitamin B7 or H that helps the body get nutrients from carbohydrates, fats and protein and converting them into energy. Hence, it is a crucial vitamin for the normal functioning of the body. Several foods contain a meagre amount of natural biotin. Intestinal bacteria also produce biotin in the body. These two sources of biotin are sufficient for an average person.

Biotin for hair growth

Though, biotin deficiency may require added supplementation.

There are several opinions and suggestions about biotin being effective on hair growth, though there are no clinical evidence suggesting the same.

This article will converse the effect of biotin on hair growth. It will also discuss impact of deficiency, dosage and its side effects.

Is Biotin Beneficial for Hair Growth?

The popularity of biotin among people is high due to subjective assertion that biotin assists in hair growth. Although, the studies suggest there are only scant clinical evidence and no significant data to support its efficacy on hair growth.

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or H, stimulates keratin. Keratin is the basic protein that's vital in production of hair and has been reported on some analysis to have effect on some patients who had biotin deficiency and showed evidence of improvement in hair growth.

Consuming food that are rich in vitamins and minerals aids in complete hair health. Food like meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and vegetables nourishes your hair naturally.

What happens if you are biotin deficient?

As mentioned above, the diet rich in vitamins, protein and fats are sufficient source of biotin, so anything that hinders the absorption of these nutrients in the body may lead to biotin deficiency. The studies mention neurological and dermal abnormalities including hair loss (alopecia), dry skin, brittle nails, etc. due to biotin deficiency.

What are the causes of biotin deficiency?

Some of the factors that may cause biotin deficiency are:

  • Long Standing use of anticonvulsants
  • Gastrointestinal disorders that prevent nutrient absorption
  • Usage of antibiotics
  • Smoking
  • Chronic use of alcohol

How much you can take?

Experts suggest biotin requirement in a healthy person above 10 years of age as 30 to 100 mcg daily and a person with biotin deficiency requires 5 mg per day. The dosage may vary as per individual conditions. Taking biotin without proper medical advice is always discouraged.

How much is too much?

Excess intake of biotin may lead to:

  • Reduced vitamin C level
  • Reduced vitamin B6 level
  • Increase in sugar intake
  • Less insulin production.

Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

Some common nutrients that help in maintaining hair and promoting hair growth include:


Packed with proteins, vitamins and iron, soyabean forever ranked first when it comes to hair health. Soyabean oil plays major role in preserving the hair moisture thereby giving hair the needed lustre and bounce.


Almonds are good source of vegetarian protein vegans can rely on. This source is rich in magnesium, which is vital for hair growth.


Milk is a source of calcium and absorbable iodine. Whey protein milk is proven to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is known to nourish hair follicles that leads to stronger and thicker hair. Flaxseed is rich in linoleic acid that inhibits DHT (a male hormone) that prevents baldness.


Abundant source of minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron. Experts suggests lack of minerals can lead to hair loss.

Along with fruits, vegetables, nuts and mild products, herbs too have potent properties that promote hair growth and make hair shinier and thicker.

Let's Sum Up:

Though there is no scientific evidence to back the claim that biotin supplements enhance hair growth lest a person has biotin deficiency.

Many other natural remedies are available that may promote hair growth. Herbal remedies are known for their effectiveness and the best part being that they have no side effects like the other over-the-counter health supplements.

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