Split Ends and Brittle Hair? Ayurvedic Ways to Nourish Your Hair

Each one of us wish to have long, lustrous, and healthy hair. How successful we are in achieving this, is altogether a different story.

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Hair woes like dryness, brittle split ends and breakage is faced by many of us. Change of season, chemical exposure, heat styling and hot water showers add up to these woes.

We are here to help you to point out Ayurvedic ways to tackle the problems of split ends and brittle hair.

There is a mistaken belief that split ends and breakage of hair is one and same thing. They both occur when the hair shaft or tips are broken. Hair breakage can happen at any part of the hair shaft, but splits happen at the tips of hair.

What Causes Breakage and Split Ends


Treating hair with chemical products to styling and coloring damages the hair root and shaft making it brittle and dry.

Nutritional Deficits

Lack of necessary vitamins and minerals especially zinc and folic acid in diet affects hair health. Protein intake is vital for hair growth. Staying hydrated is as important as taking a healthy diet. The vital nutrients are transported by the water to each cell of our body. Water hydrates and moisturizes hair follicles and scalp.

Lack of Oil and Moisture

Lack of moisture and oil is one of the chief causes of hair breakage and split ends. Washing your hair too often and that too with hot water steals the moisture from hair. Harsh chemicals like sulfur and ammonia dries up the hair and leaves it straw-like and lusterless.


Stress is part and parcel of this modern life. If you are too often living a stressed-out life, it affects your overall health as well as your skin and hair. Due to stress, hair growth cycle shortens and growth of new hair slows down.

Genetic Factors

You can blame on your genetics as a cause of hair breakage and it being brittle. The genetic factor decides the texture of hair. If your parents or grandparents have fine hair then you are more likely to have the same texture of hair. Fine hair needs extra care as they are more delicate to handle.

After knowing the causes of split ends and breakage, here are some of the Ayurvedic remedies that heals split ends and prevents breakage thereby helping hair to grow beautiful and lustrous.

Ayurvedic Ways to Nourish Your Hair

According to Ayurveda, imbalance of vata dosha causes hair being excessively dry, brittle and frizzy accompanied by dandruff and split ends. Imbalance of pitta dosha causes receding hairline and thinning of hair. Kapha dosha makes scalp extremely oily.

There are various remedies in Ayurveda to tackle these hair problems.


In shirodhara, dhara means flow and shiro denotes head. Warm oils are drizzled on your head and head is massaged. Head massage augments blood circulation and results in better hair growth.

Hair Cleansers

Shikakai, Amla, Aloe vera, Hibiscus leaves and flowers, etc. are some effective natural hair cleansers. They are soothing and cooling scalp cleansers and lathers well. Regular use of these natural cleansers nourishes hair giving it a healthy and shinier look.


Bhringraj: The King of herbs, bhringraj is a member of sunflower family. An Indian Ayurvedic herb that has been used traditionally in most of the hair treatment oils and powders. Bhringraj oil massage improves blood circulation and activates hair roots and enhances hair growth.

Brahmi: Bacopa monnieri is an essential plant in conventional Ayurvedic medicine. It is a perennial herb known for memory boosting property. It prevents stress, anxiety, and insomnia, which are major causes of hair loss.

Jatamansi: A member of honeysuckle family, Jatamansi is found in high altitude regions of Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bhutan. It has been used in several herbal formulations in Ayurveda. Jatamansi imparts black color to hair. It enhances volume of hair and strengthens the hair follicles. It extends the hair growth phase and prevents premature greying.

Ayurvedic hair oil with the above-mentioned ingredients not only stops hair fall, hair breakage and split ends, but also helps in promoting hair growth. Regular scalp massage with warm hair oil boosts blood circulation and activates stagnant hair follicles. A good head massage acts as a de-stressor and helps in fighting insomnia.

Summing Up

Hair is a vital part of our body. It not only enhances beauty but also has a socio-psychological significance in our life. A well-balanced diet, adequate sleep, hydration and the best of ayurvedic hair oil do the wonder in reclaiming the lost luster of hair.

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