Here Are Reasons Why Your Hair Growth is Possibly Slow

Like hair thinning, hair fall and hair loss, slow hair growth has become a common problem among men and women. Slow hair growth is accompanied by hair thinning and sometimes lead to baldness and hair loss.

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Understanding the Hair Growth Phase

Before we know the reasons of slow hair growth, we have to identify the phases of hair growth and how hair grow.

Anagen or Growth Phase: Hair growth commences with the anagen phase. This phase lasts for almost 5 years and is the longest phase. In this phase, the hair follicles grow large and deepens, hair bulb forms, follicle attaches to the dermal papilla and hair starts growing. About 90 percent of hair on your head is in anagen phase and sheds after completing its lifespan until they are cut.

Catagen or Transformation Phase: Catagen phase is the transition between anagen and telogen phases. It commonly lasts for few days to few weeks. In this, hair follicle narrows and hair growth declines.

Telogen or Resting Phase: In this phase, hair separates completely from the dermal papilla. The supply of blood to papilla is cut off in the resting phase. Hair loss of about 50 to 100 strands per day during this phase is common.

How Does Hair Grow?

The skin is full of minute holes called follicles. Each follicle may grow one hair strand. Hardened cells make full strand of hair. As new cells keep forming in hair bulb and harden, it pushes the strands out of the skin. An average adult hair grows about half inch per month.

The Five Main Reasons Why Your Hair Growth Is Possibly Slow

Read on to know what’s inhibiting your ambition of long hair.


Anagen phase or the growth phase curtails as we get older. Hair thinning and hair fall is common in advanced age, but it varies with person to person depending upon the health.


Genes play a major role in texture, color and growth of hair. Looking at your parents’ hair, a lot can be perceived about how long your hair can grow. If any of your parents have long and thick hair, you likely can have the same because of your genes.


Medical conditions like thyroid issues either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism can affect in slow hair growth and hair fall. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, childbirth and menopause immensely affect on your hair growth.

Poor Diet

Healthy body needs diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. As cells are the building blocks of hair, lack of proper nutrients halts cell formation and the hair growth slows down.

Scalp Health

Dry scalp results in dandruff and oily scalp tends to clog the pores of hair roots. Too much dryness causes flakiness and steals luster from hair. Oiliness attracts bacteria and infections. Massaging with oil promotes blood circulation and moisturizes the scalp. Keeping the scalp clean and moisturized aids in hair growth.

What’s the Solution?

Add more protein to your diet. Protein rich diet helps in formation of natural protein, keratin. Keratin is found in hair, nail and skin. Avoid calories that is less in nutrients and has tendency to bulk you up. Have lots of fresh fruits and veggies as they are rich in minerals and iron as well as fiber.

Keeping stress level at low by reducing stress-inducing activities and adding meditation to your daily routine.

Well hydrated body has better immunity and robust health. Healthy body ensures healthy hair and skin.

Hair care routine with ayurvedic herbal Tribal Black Oil. Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Brahmi, Kala dana, Kali musli, Kala agar, Kali haldi can be used for hair growth. Rich nutrients accompanied by antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of herbs fights hair problems.

Why Tribal Black Oil?

  • Leaves hair thick, smooth and lustrous after 60 days
  • Infused with pure wild herbs
  • Deeply conditions and nourishes the hair
  • Aids in reducing hair loss and preventing hair breakage
  • Boosts volume, improves hair texture and prevents greys
  • Does not contain parabens, silicones, mineral oils, sulphates and chemical preservatives.


There are various reasons for slow hair growth. Ayurveda, the ancient medical system, centers on herbal healing of body and mind. To know more about the advantages of Ayurveda, one must give it a go.

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